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Lee Brooks
General Manager

Lee has been with Ourisman since 2012. His favorite part about the business is that everyday is different and he gets to meet a variety of people. Each person has a unique reason for looking for a vehicle and each day is a new challenge. During his free time he enjoys going to wineries and spending time with his family. An interesting fact about Lee is that while he was a freshman at JMU, he flew in a plane for the first time and jumped out of it.  

Dan Ierace
Director of Sales and Finance

Dan has been with Ourisman  since 1984. He loves the business because what someone drives is a huge part of their lives and he enjoys having an impact. He grew up in Wierdon, WA, a small working town near Pittsburgh. He enjoys working outside in the country with his wife during is free time.

Shawn Allen
General Sales Manager

Shawn has been with Ourisman since 2005. His favorite part about being in the business is helping customers buy vehicles they didn't think they would be able to buy. During his free time, Shawn enjoys listening to jazz music and watching football and basketball. An interesting fact about Shawn is that when he was in high school he was one of the top trombone players in Maryland.

Mike Powers
Sales Manager

Mike has been with Ourisman since 2010. He was in sales development before getting into the car business and wanted something different. His love for technology and cars has kept him in the business. During Mike's free time he enjoys off-roading and camping. An interesting fact about Mike is he has played the piano, cello and base guitar.

Jeff Rosenblatt
Used Car Manager

Jeff has been with the company since 2017. Jeff enjoys meeting all different kinds of people and driving a variety of different vehicles every day. Jeff has been working on his own cars since he was 13. He even "built his own car from the ground up" onetime. He grew up in several different locations including Greece, Iran and throughout Africa.

Jeannie Soto
Sales Manager

Jeannie has been with Ourisman since 2019. She was in marketing and door-to-door sales before joining the Ourisman team. During Jeannie's free time, she enjoys playing soccer. An interesting fact about Jeannie is that she used to play semi-pro soccer.

Troy Nieves
Director Internet Operations/Sales

With Ourisman since 2001 

Ashley Barnes
Internet Manager

Ashley has been with Ourisman since 2011. When asked what she likes about the business she says "I love what I do." She has two other degrees but keeps coming back to the car business! During her free time she enjoys exploring D.C., specifically Rock Creek Park, or going back to North Carolina to visit family. Ashley states that her height of 6 ft. tall has always been an interesting fact about her.



Bill Lyons
Lincoln Sales Consultant

Bill has been with Ourisman since 2019. He specializes in Lincoln sales and making the sales process effortless for his clients. During his free time, Bill enjoys playing golf and hockey. Bill is also a semi-pro hockey referee and has visited 48 out of 50 states.

Antonio Johnson
Sales Consultant

Antonio has been with Ourisman since 2017. The family-oriented environment has kept him in the business. During his free time, Antonio enjoys watching sports, especially any team from Chicago, playing video games and spending time with his family. Antonio is especially proud of his college bound and graduate daughters.

Tryitez Green
Sales Consultant

Tez has worked at Ourisman since 2017. What keeps him coming in everyday is his enjoyment of the job. He Loves talking to customers and meeting new people every day. During his free time, Tez enjoys playing basketball, going to the gym as well as the gun range. When you meet Tez, be sure to ask him about his cat Bow    ​e!

Armin Bojku
Sales Consultant

Armin has been with the company since 2019. He loves the customers and feels it is a blessing to be able to meet and learn from so many different people. During his free time he plays lacrosse, watches sports, goes to car shows and spends time with his family. Armin can talk to you in 7 different language- Bosnian, Albanian, Croatian, Serbian, Slovenian        ​, English and sign language.

Gavin Kaiser
Sales Consultant

Quentin Walters
Sales Consultant

Quentin has been with Ourisman since 2019. He loves the astmosphere and enjoys working as a team. During his free time he records music, plays basketball and spends time with his family. A comment customers often make about Quentin is "he may look young but is extremely knowledgeable."

Don Gardner
Sales Consultant

With Ourisman since 2005 



Ted Mixon
Business Manager

Ted started with Ourisman in 2002. He loves working in the auto industry because of the people he gets to meet and loves the people he works with. During his free time he enjoys riding his motorcycle and boating. Ted also has his pilots license and can fly a plane!

Cynthia Hatcher
Business Manager

Cynthia has been with the company since 2014. She enjoys the opportunity to connect with people. During her free time she enjoys spending time with her grandson and is involved with her church. When interacting with Cindy, you will immediately see her adventurous spirit.



Chuck Jackowski
Director Fixed Operations

Chuck started working at Ourisman since 1992. He loves what he does, especially the intricacies and coordination that the job entails. During his free time Chuck enjoys spending time with his family, especially his 2 grandchildren. Chuck is also a life long Pittsburgh Steelers fan!

Mike Douglass

Simon Lumpkin

Simon has been with Ourisman since 2015. His favorite part about the business is being able to help customers and meet their needs. During his free time, he enjoys working out and playing football. In fact, Simon tried out and almost played for the Baltimore Ravens!

Daniel Bizocco

Daniel has been with Ourisman since 2019. He has been in the auto industry since he was 16, first as a mechanic and then as a service advisor. During his free time he loves spending time with his family. Daniel is someone who is always willing to fix things and help people.

Sarah Edgerton
Internal Service Manager

Sarah has been with Ourisman off and on since 2015. Her favorite part about the business is the variety of people she gets to meet. During her free time she likes to spend time outdoors with friends and family. Be sure to ask Sarah about her alma mater Ohio State!

Paula Walters
Loaner Vehicle Coordinator

Paula has been with Ourisman since 2018. She enjoys the client interaction- learning about people and helping them. During her free time, she enjoys going on adventures such as walking and hiking, especially around Great Falls, VA. Growing up, Paula traveled around the U.S. following around an Evangelists group (missionary work).



Mike Walton
Parts Manager

With Ourisman since 1998 

Andy Tran

Emmnuel Bansah
Parts Counter

Gerald Means
Parts Counter