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Do What You Want With an SUV

Have you been shopping for a new vehicle but aren't sure if an SUV is right for you? There are plenty of benefits to these models, and SUVs come in handy for a lot of things. They are versatile, and they also get pretty good gas mileage despite what some may think. They can take you on an off-road adventure, and they will fit your entire family.


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Halloween Getting Better with Road Safety Guides

Halloween is an incredible experience that is enjoyed in our city. Everybody has been waiting for it, and it is finally here. Children are ready with their costumes to trick-or-treat from door to door. Therefore, observing road safety tips is advisable for both parents and drivers to ensure you have a fantastic Halloween. Our team here at Ourisman Ford & Lincoln has some tips to be safe:

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Changing Your Vehicle’s Oil & Why It Is So Important

Many vehicle owners do not know this but, most of the moving parts within your vehicle’s engine move as they do and never actually make any physical contact. As odd as this may sound it is indeed true, most of the moving parts within your vehicle’s engine slide on a thin layer of oil. It is because of this that it is so very important to change your vehicle’s oil regularly.

One of the other functions of oil within your engine is to help reduce the heat by absorbing it. The actions within a combustion engine generate…
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Vehicle Maintenance Schedule

While you have a new car and consider it to be in perfect shape, it is imperative that you continue to keep it that way. Failure to do so could result in failure of one or more parts of your new car. Here are some tips on it.

- Each vehicle has a maintenance schedule that they must follow in order to work well.
- If you have any questions about it, then simply call the dealership to ask.
- Typically, every few months, the fluids should be checked.

- Many cars come with the option to include maintenance in the payment…
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Keep Your Cabin Cooled Down with These Three Tips

There are a lot of things we love about the summer time - laying in the grass, barbecues with family and friends, taking a swim with a cool drink - but there's also one thing we really don't like: a hot car cabin. When you've been parked in the sun all day, you're welcomed with a sweltering seat and boiling surfaces. However, with just a couple easy steps, you can keep your car cool and more comfortable.

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How to Take Your Puppy on a Road Trip

Taking your beloved dog with you on a road trip is a great idea, sure to bring you both a lot of joy as you hit the road and head off towards your destination, but it definitely requires a bit of preparation first! The ladies at POPSUGAR have some tips for all of us that have never done this before and, thanks to them, we're much more prepared to take our little furry companions with us.

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See how The Perfect Position Seat can elevate your comfort in the 2017 Lincoln Continental

At Ourisman Ford & Lincoln, we don't like to boast, but we think that the new 2017 Lincoln Continental here at our Alexandria, VA dealership offers practically unparalleled interior comfort. 


Weekend views came early this week. #Continental

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Explore the innovative safety technologies that earned the 2017 Lincoln Continental the 2017 IIHS Top Safety Pick+ award

Here at Ourisman Ford & Lincoln, we're proud to announce that the new 2017 Lincoln Continental recently earned the Top Safety Pick+ award from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS). Now, this is a huge honor for the 2017 Lincoln Continental, but you may wonder, "What does this award actually mean?" Well, the Top Safety Pick+ award is the highest honor the IIHS can bestow on a vehicle, recognizing exceptional safety features and technologies. 


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Should You Replace Your AC Filter?

When you own a car you have to do routine maintenance to take care of it. Such maintenance as oil changes, brake pad replacements, fluid flushing, and tire rotation are known issues that are taken care of regularly, but what about something as simple as the AC filter? Does that need to be replaced?

The simple answer is: yes. If you turn on your air conditioner or heater to full blast and don't feel a lot of air coming out, but hear a lot of noise, then your filter may be clogged with dirt and debris and need to…

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The Lincoln Continental Knows How To Help With The Summer Heat

There is nothing like getting into your vehicle on a hot day, sinking into the leather seats, and feeling cool ventilation chill your body. Gone are the days where the sun bakes your car and you feel like you are stepping into an oven.

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